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Comfort bikes are the bikes you've always wanted but were too afraid to ask for. Soft seat, tall handlebars, easy to use gears and strong brakes. In short, a bike you will actually want to ride.
City bikes are built for commuting and grocery getting. they often include fenders, racks, and lights. With the cost of gas increasing daily, City bikes are fast becoming a great alternative to driving. 
Old Town Bicycle offers great selections of both these types of bikes. Come in today for a test ride. 
With Old Town Bicycle's BG Certified Fitting available at all of our locations you can rest assured that we will work with you to find the perfect bike with the perfect fit.
We even offer a 30 day guarantee. If we don't fit you correctly and we cant fix the problem we will give you your money back! How's that for confidence in our fit program? 
View our entire catalog of Comfort / City bikes here.